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Individual Health Insurance

McQueen Insurance is an independent broker agency.  That means that we shop for the best valued health insurance with no bias towards any companies.  Currently we proudly partner with the 3 largest health insurance companies in Idaho. 

3 easy steps to obtaining health insurance in Idaho:

1) Apply
Unfortunately, health insurance quotes are based on, well... your health.  So in order to get an accurate monthly cost, you have to fill out an application that asks about your personal information and health.  

You can apply for a Free/No Obligation Quote either with a paper application or online.  Online is the fastest way to apply to one company, but if you want a quote from all 3 companies (most people do) it is easier to do the paper application and let us submit it to all the companies for you. Either option is available below:

Online Application Links:


Apply with Blue Cross               

*Regence does not offer online applications

When complete (you didn't skip anything did you?) Please get it to us any way you can:

Scan & Email to (
Fax: 208-736-0754
Mail: McQueen Insurance
       149 3rd Ave East
       Twin Falls, ID 83301
Call: We'll come pick it up if we have to!
2) Choose
Once your application is submitted it takes about 1-2 weeks for the insurance companies to send you rates for every plan and every deductible option they offer.  At this point we can help you sort through the plans and their cost and help you make the best decision based off your needs.  Some people believe they have to decide on a plan before they apply.  It makes more sense to have the firm rates in hand before you worry about what plan since rates can depend on your health, height/weight, and tobacco use.

3) Pay
Send back in the Acceptance Letter, marking the plan that you have selected, and send in the first month's premium if you are going with Blue Cross or Pacific Source (Regence bills you later).  After they receive it, they will process your policy and send out the ID card and policy in the mail.

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