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Life Insurance        

We only work with A- to A+ rated insurance companies.

Just like our health insurance plans, we are an independent life insurance broker.  No hidden contracts, no ties, no extra cost to you!  We simply shop for the best value with quality companies that will pay their claims when you need it most.

Life insurance is an interesting product.  It can be the most important part of a family's financial plan, yet so many people will start saving and investing before they protect their loved ones with life insurance.

Some people must be nuts!  As for me, I want to protect my family (see below).  If I am gone tomorrow I don't want my beautiful wife to have to marry some guy out of desperation just to pay the bills. 

I think some people avoid life insurance because of the confusion that can be involved.  How much do I need?  How do I buy it?  What is it going to cost me?  What is the difference between Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance?  Do I really have to stand on a scale, get poked by a needle and pee in a cup?  (probably....sorry.)  

Let us help you sort through the confusion.  We have all been there before. 

                         This is why I own Life Insurance.

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